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Costco is famous for offering excellent prices, high quality merchandise, and a wide selection of goods all in one place. Being one of the largest subscription warehouses, it serves both businesses and consumers. However, Costco travel is an area that is sometimes overlooked.

Before you plan your next vacation, consider these five facts about Costco Travel and the reasons why you should check out your membership at the wholesale retailer.

What is Costco Travel ?

1. Costco Travel offers flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, vacation packages, and even theme park reservations.

Convenience is just one of the many benefits of using Costco Travel. The program allows users to reserve a range of travel options. This includes the option to view rates including taxes and fees and combine travel services. Members are able to reserve upcoming itineraries: Packages for travel to both domestic and foreign locations including airport transportation.

  • Accommodation plus airfare
  • Travel + Accommodation + Rental Car
  • Rental Car and Accommodation
  • bus hotel
  • Cruises, which include both local and foreign excursions Unless otherwise noted, flights are not included in package prices.

However, holiday and cruise packages may include flights from most major cities in the country. Additionally, Costco Travel doesn’t include all airlines, so if you don’t see an airline you usually fly with, it’s a good idea to compare prices. To make last minute cruise reservations look no further than Costco Travel. There are many options for visiting many destinations as there are many cruise line partners. A digital shop card is also available to passengers for their cruise itinerary.

2. Special vacation options are offered by Costco Travel.

Safaris and guided holidays in Africa are examples of niche tourism. Different lifestyles are catered for by guided holidays: individuals who want to travel together and save money, those who have a little more money to spend and want to find places in small groups, and even ​That also people between the age of 18 to 35 years. Want to talk to local people.

These carefully chosen selections offer unique perspectives into different locations around the world. These options relieve you of the burden of organizing, researching, and making travel plans for your destination by planning your trip for you and letting you visit multiple places.

3. Costco members can purchase special holiday packages bearing the Kirkland Signature label.

Regular Costco customers probably know that items with the “Kirkland Signature” designation equate to some of the best offerings in that category. But many people may not know that Costco members can also book trips and cruises through Kirkland Signature Travel, which offers quality and affordability.

When you travel under the Kirkland Signature brand, you can enjoy additional benefits like cruise credits ranging from $25 to $100 or more per person, unique pricing, and exclusive dining and spa experiences. If these specifications don’t suit your holiday objectives, it may be worth checking around.

Costco Travel

4. Upgrade your rental car with Costco Travel and save gas money.

Adding a free additional driver when renting a car is another benefit of using Costco Travel (only offered at limited locations). Depending on the rental firm, Additional Driver Benefits may also be used outside the US.

Drivers can also reserve their car in advance to set a price and pay for it later when they pick it up. You may also be eligible for the automatic car upgrade if you rent with Costco Travel. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cancellation fees.

Additionally, if you live near a Costco that has gas stations, you may be able to save some money as Costco often has lower gas prices.

5. Benefits include limited time sales, availability of travel experts, and travel insurance.

Travel insurance services like emergency assistance, trip cancellation, and baggage coverage (including delay) are now included when you book through Costco Travel. If you want to compare insurance quotes, you can also get one.

Members can also avail time-limited offers. Discounts may include daily meals at no cost, resort credits, and fee waivers. These offers are also available for multiple locations. To get the best deals, it is recommended to visit the deals website and subscribe to Costco newsletters.

Bonus: Up to 5% refund available.

Another benefit worth noting is that members can get up to 5% back on their travel spend. In addition to the additional benefits that come with certain travel reservations, Costco Executive members get 2% back on their purchases made through Costco Travel.

Executive members can earn an additional 3% on select trips on top of the 2% back they now receive when they use the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi. Additionally, the card will be accepted both domestically and abroad as it is a Visa card.


When planning their upcoming trip, Costco members can save money and time by using Costco Travel. But keep in mind that to use the service, your Costco membership must be active. Even though Costco Travel can save you time and effort, you can still get the best deals by taking the time to check out the pricing. To maximize savings, combine the offer with Costco Travel.

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